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Contact Safe & Protect Solar to arrange a free no-obligation survey and find out how much you can benefit from a solar PV installation.  There are more than one million solar PV installations in the UK and this number continues to rise as customers look to reduce energy bills, protect themselves against future energy price rises and cut their carbon footprint.  Isn’t it time you joined the club?

Power your home with free energy and receive payments for the energy you export.

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Secure Your Energy Future

Why Choose Solar?

  • Reduce energy bills
  • Receive export payments
  • Cut carbon footprint
  • Protect against future price rises
  • Power electric car for free
  • Add batteries for additional revenues
Why Solar PV?

The Benefits

Lower Energy Bills
Secure Your Energy Future
The Environment

A domestic solar system can provide a significant contribution to your energy requirements. Your Solar PV system will generate free electricity, and the more you generate, the less grid supplied energy you will require. By adding the reduction in your electricity bill and monies received from your utility company for the energy you export to the grid, you could earn a healthy ROI on your investment over the lifetime of the system.

According the the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the average UK energy bill has doubled since the year 2000, and is three times higher than back in 1987. This rapid increase is forecast to continue and may even accelerate. By installing a Solar PV system, you can insure yourself against these price rises and secure the energy future of you and your family.

In addition, as the nation moves towards a future without petrol and diesel cars, you can use the free energy you generate to charge your electric vehicle, and can even use your car battery for grid trading.

With a typical Solar PV system (4kWp), you can reduce your household CO2 emissions by up to 1800kg per year. Do you bit to protect the environment and help eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels.

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Safe & Protect Ltd are members of the Micro generation Certification Scheme (MCS), the Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL) and Napit.  Not only are we focused on promoting greener living using solar energy systems, but we strive to do it to the highest of industry standards.  We are committed to providing the best products, service and workmanship through continuous training and assessments.

Bespoke systems

Tailored Service

Safe & Protect realise that the ins and outs of microgeneration can be quite daunting.  As professionals in the industry we make it our mission to offer the best advice and solutions according to each individual’s needs. We recognise that no two jobs are the same and for each one it is imperative that the system design is correct so that the installation achieves its maximum possible yield. We carry out extensive on site surveys and create bespoke systems that are perfectly matched to the customer’s circumstances and requirements.


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